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What is the difference between Hall and No Hall in electric car?
Release Date:2017.09.21  PV:2130

The Holzer device is a magnetic sensor. They can be used to detect magnetic fields and their variations, and can be used in a variety of magnetic field related situations. The Holzer effect is the basis of the Holzer effect. Holzer devices have many advantages, their firm structure, small volume, light weight, long service life, convenient installation, low power consumption, high frequency (up to 1MHZ), shock resistance, not afraid of dust, oil, water vapor and salt fog contamination or corrosion.


Holzer is by Holzer type motor to determine the current state of the three-phase motor, then the controller according to the signal collected by Holzer to control the controller output power to the motor, to work persistently normal motor.

No Holzer type is the motor without Holzer sensor, the controller through the current acquisition to determine the current state of motion of the motor, and then control the controller out, the motor power supply, let the motor production work.


There are Holzer type motors and controllers that are stable during use and have great torque at startup.

Without Holzer type motor and controller, due to technical problems, it is not very stable at present. Especially in the initial stage, the stability is poor and the power is not enough.

In electric bicycles, Holzer sensors are used in many places, such as speed switches, brakes, brakes, and brushless motors.

Electric car speed control switch: speed to turn, as the name suggests is the speed control components of the electric vehicle, this is a linear speed control components, a lot of styles, but the principle of work is the same. It is generally located on the right side of the electric vehicle, riding the right hand when the direction of the rotation of the electric car rotating angle range of 0 - 30 degrees between.

The switch of the electric motor is a driving signal of the motor rotation of the electric vehicle, and the braking signal is a braking signal of the motor to stop rotating. The electric vehicle standard requires the controller to automatically cut off the power supply to the motor when the brakes are braked. So the electric car should have the brake on the brake handle position sensing element, in a pinch brake action, the brake signal is sent to the controller controller receives the brake signal, immediately stop the power supply to the motor.

Brushless motor: electric power car now, generally by the following three types: high speed motor permanent magnet brushless DC motor, high speed permanent magnet DC motor, high speed permanent magnet DC brush motor. In the course of the rotation of the DC motor, the current in the winding must be continuously changed so that the rotor can rotate in one direction. The motor is used for inverter and brush by mechanical contact and commutation; brushless motor is detected by Hall-sensor signal winding real-time running position, and then processed by the microprocessor or chip of the signal, and the real-time control of the corresponding drive circuit to control the motor winding. The brushless motor commutation is through the sensor and relevant circuit, so the motor has no mechanical contact brush phase and wear and change, do not need to frequently change the brush wearing device, which can effectively improve the service life of the motor, reduce maintenance costs.

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