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China's electric car mileage is far ahead
Release Date:2017.09.21  PV:1971

According to reports, according to Ai Rui platinum investment consulting firm adopted the "electric mileage" new statistical calculation, before the deployment of electric vehicles in China, now has become a global leader, electric mileage far ahead of other markets.


China's electric vehicle deployment to lead the global electric mileage is far ahead

AlixParters publishes new statistics on Wednesday under its official car-electrification column and uses a new measurement method for "e-range" to perform data calculations. The new method uses the number of electric vehicles sold to multiply the mileage of the electric vehicle to calculate the final result.

According to the "electric mileage" survey results, in the second quarter of this year, the Greater China region sold a total of about 14 million miles (about 22.53 million km) of electric vehicles. By contrast, Europe has only 7.83 million miles (about 12.6 million kilometers), 6.15 million miles of North America (about 9,977,000 kilometers) and Japan's South Korea's 129 million kilometers (about 207.6 million kilometers). In the first quarter of 2013, China is very backward in the measurement of electric mileage, only 22.37 million km (about 360,000 km), and now, China's electric vehicle adoption rate is leaps and bounds, and life mileage is also significantly improved.

"China's start is not a little bit, but a big step, and China is selling electric cars with high mileage," says Mark Wakefield, an analyst at Core India. "And it's a lot of ... ... "

Ai Rui platinum The statistics use the car mileage, vehicle sales and market share of public data to calculate the electric mileage. Among them, the plug-in hybrid car only measured the mileage of the battery capacity, so the measurement data for high-mileage mileage of pure electric vehicles more favorable, and this measurement does not contain other hybrid models. "The car experience in the industry is almost the same as that of a diesel locomotive, and more than 300 miles of mileage has basically met the needs of all the car owners," said Wakefield.

In addition, in the enterprise rankings, five Chinese car manufacturers successfully among the top 10 electric mileage ranking of the top 10, they are: BYD, Beiqi, Geely, Ninghai knowledge beans electric vehicles and JAC.

And Tesla is ranked first, the total electric mileage reached 6.61 million miles (about 10.638 million km); the remaining four major car prices are: second, Renault Nissan Union, 3.72 million miles (about 5.987 million (No. 2.63 million km); seventh, BMW Group, 1.26 million miles (about 2.028 million km) and the 10th Hyundai Motor, 1.14 million miles (about 183.5 million); the fifth, General Motors, 1.64 million miles Km).

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