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In 2025, China's annual sales of new energy vehicles will reach 6 million vehicles
Release Date:2017.09.21  PV:1900

In the context of the Chinese government's active advocacy of the new energy automotive industry, China's electric vehicle market has become the biggest goal of the global car enterprises. 29, Renault - Nissan announced a joint venture with China Dongfeng Automobile Group manufacturing electric cars. In addition, Daimler, general motors, Ford, Tesla and other foreign car prices are also actively entering the Chinese electric car market.

Some media said that the Renault Nissan Alliance 29, the new joint venture company is set up with a partner China Dongfeng Motor Group, namely yijiete new energy automobile company (eGT), in the design and production of electric cars China model with intelligent networking function. It is expected to begin production in 2019 with an annual output of 120 thousand vehicles.

Prior to Renault Nissan, many European and American car companies signed a cooperation agreement with china. In April, Daimler announced plans to work with BAIC on plans to build Mercedes Benz cars in china. In July, GM announced that it would launch a pure electric vehicle in China in the next 2 years. Last week, Ford announced an agreement with the Thai car, plans to build a joint venture in China to produce electric cars. Plus the Tesla, which has been planning to build factories in China, it can be said that China, the world's largest car market, is becoming the main battleground for the future competition of electric vehicles.

Japanese media said, the Chinese government requires from 2018 onwards to promote pure electric cars in China's local production, in this context, countries car prices have turned to electric vehicle R & D production. Compared to Germany and the United States car prices, Japan's car prices have been lagging behind. In December 2016, TOYOTA launched an emergency electric car business unit, and launched the 1 test car for pure electric cars 3 months later. Previously, TOYOTA has been working on hybrid vehicles, but TOYOTA has had to change its direction as China turns to pure electric cars.

Some media reports believe that China and other emerging countries of the rapid development of the electric car industry, to stimulate TOYOTA and other Japanese car companies are also looking for technological transformation. This will be a "Domino" that will promote the historic reform of the automotive industry". According to Ford is expected to 2025, Chinese new energy vehicles annual sales will reach 6 million units, this wave will also promote more car companies embrace electric vehicles, and has over 100 years of history to stimulate the automobile industry dramatically changes".

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